Summer Job Opportunities at WeHaKee Camp for Girls

WeHaKee 2015 Staff

Everything is Awesome... when you're part of the team!  And our 2015 WeHaKee Staff Team was one of the best we ever have had on the shores of Hunter Lake! They came to us from around the United States and throughout the world, including South Africa, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Australia. We thank them for sharing themselves during the summer of 2015 and hope to see many of them on the shores of Hunter Lake next year and beyond! We love you all!

As we look forward, we are very excited about the team that we will assemble in 2016! We invite & encourage you to consider applying today to be a part of this amazing group that will lead our girls at WeHaKee during Summer 2016!!

To apply online, click HERE!

Working at WeHaKee Camp for Girls will simply be the greatest summer job you will ever have. At this premier summer camp, you will meet new friends, spend your days outdoors, and most importantly, build girls' confidence, build girls' character, and build lifelong relationships with the girls of Camp WeHaKee. 

To view (or download & print) our Staff Brochure, click HERE!

Are you an adult (18 and older) who is seeking an outside summer job, who wants to engage in girls building great relationships & postive growth, and who wants to share your gifts and talents in a safe, faith-filled and supportive community? Then contact us today to see what opportunities await you at WeHaKee!