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WeHaKee Camp for Girls Testimonials

  • “I like all of the activities because they include something for every person. I feel sort of different at home because I don’t get to do as many fun activities. I feel as though camp is my second home.”

    2nd-Year Camper, Age 14, Arizona

  • “I liked how even though people are different from you they’re still really nice and include you.”

    1st-Year Camper, Age 9, Illinois

  • “The counselors were so nice and really funny. They also respected us and asked for us to do the same.”

    1st-Year Camper, Age 13, Illinois

  • “I got to learn other nation’s songs.”

    1st-Year Camper, Age 11, Texas

  • “I want to come back to camp because it has taught me how to be independent.”

    1st-Year Camper, Age 11, Illinois

  • “One of my favorite memories was singing a song with one of my favorite people at camp.”

    4th-Year Camper, Age 11, Arizona

  • “Camp is where I feel at home.”

    3rd-Year Camper, Age 12, Illinois

  • “I loved doing the trail rides in horseback riding.”

    1st-Year Camper, Age 14, Illinois

  • “I made so many friends this summer, old, young and my age.”

    1st-Year Camper, Age 11, Texas

  • “I especially liked when I got up on water skis and went in and out of the wake.”

    2nd-Year Camper, Age 11, Wisconsin


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