General Information about Family Camps

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  • Payments

    Please, all payments must be in US dollars (USD) only.


    Please submit a minimum $250 deposit per Family Camp registration or $100 minimum deposit for each individual Mother/Daughter/Auntie Camp registration.

    Balance Payments

    Please pay the remainder of your balance by July 1st.

    Credit Card Payments

    WeHaKee Camp for Girls accepts VISA, MASTERCARD of DISCOVER.

    Online Payments

    Payments may be made using our online service.

    Bank Wire Transfers

    Payments (in USD) can be made in any amount via bank wire transfer. Please contact the Administrative Office for details.

  • Notification

    Please notify the WeHaKee Camp for Girls Administrative Offices immediately of any cancellations.

    Cancellations Prior to May 1st

    A refund minus the deposit will be given. WeHaKee Camp for Girls reserves the right to issue ALL REFUNDS IN CHECK FORM AT THE END OF THE SUMMER SEASON.

    Cancellations After May 1st

    WeHaKee Camp for Girls retains the right to withhold all fees.

    Behavioral and Other Issues

    WeHaKee Camp for Girls will not refund fees if a camper or family leaves camp early due to behavioral/disciplinary issues.

    Parent Initiated Departure

    WeHaKee Camp for Girls will not refund fees if an individual, group or family leaves camp early due to a parent initiated request.

    Illness/Injury Before Arrival

    WeHaKee Camp for Girls will refund the balance of fees paid if an individual, group or family does not attend camp due to illness, injury or other circumstances approved by the Co-Directors.

    Illness/Injury While Attending Camp

    WeHaKee Camp for Girls will refund a prorated portion of the fees paid (not including the $200 deposit) if an individual, group or family departs due to illness, injury or other circumstances approved by the Co-Directors.

  • Applications are accepted and places held only when the deposit is enclosed with the registration form. This fee applies directly to the balance of tuition. Upon receipt of registration form and deposit, we will send you confirmation information including an itemized account of anticipated expenses along with other helpful information.

  • A daily snack and beverage is provided at no extra charge as this is included within the tuition. Items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, stuffed animals, and other souvenirs along with note pads, envelopes and stamps can be purchased at our Camp Store. Prices range from $1 to $40.

  • Please have letters & packages for individuals, groups or families addressed in the following manner:

    Individual, Group or Family Name
    Camp for Girls
    N8104 Barker Lake RD.
    Winter WI 54896 USA

  • With limited phone lines available, we are unable to provide phone access to an individual, group or family except in the case of an emergency approved by the director.

  • Consistent with our mission to support a positive community of individuals who share and grow together, WeHaKee chooses to limit the use of electronic devices and other technology, yet embraces such technology when it engages campers and staff together in community life and enhances the welcoming environment that is WeHaKee. In the Family & Mother/Daughter/Auntie Camp setting we prefer to create an ‘unplugged’ environment and ask that for the benefit of all participants, all personal technology usage be done discretely and away from program and gathering areas.

    E-mail and Internet Based Communication

    Use of computers and the internet is limited to staff use. If urgent internet communications are deemed necessary, arrangements can be made for use of camp internet connections for limited, brief adult use.

    Telephones and Cell Phones

    Camp telephones are not available for participant use except in the case of emergency. Cell phone reception is weak in the WeHaKee area. If cell phones need to be used, we asked that it be done discretely and out of view of other campers and participants.

    Cameras, Camcorders and Other Image Capturing Devices

    The use of cameras is welcomed as a way for each participant to record experiences while attending WeHaKee Camp for Girls. Participants are asked to use them in a positive and respectful manner while at camp or participating in camp related events.

    Cameras, camcorders or any other type of image capturing devices are strictly prohibited in restrooms and/or shower houses at anytime (including the taking of pictures or video from outside these facilities of images within through windows, doors or other openings). Photos, video or other images of WeHaKee Camp for Girls or its participants cannot be placed on websites, social networking sites (such as,,, Instagram, etc.), etc.

    The use of images of WeHaKee Camp for Girls participants that are used to intentionally embarrass, threaten, or harm others (emotionally, physically or otherwise) is strictly prohibited.

“It was great to bring my family to WeHaKee for family camp.  It was great to be together, away from technology and just enjoy time together in the outdoors.  We plan to be back next year.”

Family Camp Parent, Illinois



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