Frequently Asked Questions About Family Camp

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  • If we say so ourselves, we have some of the nicest and most comfortable cabins found at any camp! They have each been remodeled inside and out. They are well lit, well ventilated, and even have a ceiling fan. The main area contains four bunk beds (with twin-size mattresses), room for up to eight along with the adjacent CP (counselor area) with two twin beds.

  • We have four completely modern shower houses within a few steps of each cabin. Showers are private and each shower stall has a private changing area. They are professionally cleaned daily.

  • It is exceptionally pleasant and comfortable throughout our summer season. Highs generally are in the low 80’s (26 C) and evenings may cool into the low 60’s or upper 50’s (14-16 C). We may see a few days in the 90’s (30+ C) as well as a night or two in the 40’s (10 C). August is generally dry and sunny.

  • When storms are forecast, multiple weather web sites are monitored by the directors day and night to allow us to have plenty of time to prepare and react. Weather radios are placed in several locations throughout camp.

    The Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department includes us in their automated calling service alerting camp when severe weather may be approaching the county. WeHaKee is also equipped with several below-ground storm shelters which can easily and safely shelter all of our community when necessary.

  • Yes, we are in the north woods of Wisconsin so mosquitoes, flies, and other annoying insects can appear. However, camp’s location is kept well-groomed, reducing the areas for insects to thrive. In addition, we are located on a ridge allowing us to experience frequent breezes, keeping the bugs away! The bugs tend to diminish greatly in August. None-the-less, we do recommend that you pack a repellent spray or lotion for occasional use in the evening.

  • You can receive plenty of TLC at our Band Aid (our health center). Often times a bit of extra rest is all that is needed. We have several private bedrooms in the Band Aid just for this purpose. Our Band Aid will be available throughout your stay to assist you with your medical concerns.



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