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  • WeHaKee Camp for Girls is open to all girls, regardless of race, nationality, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, and disability. In order to attend WeHaKee Camp for Girls, participants should be able meet the following essential functions:

    1. Move independently from place to place.
    2. Effectively interact in a group based on program content.
    3. Be able to meet personal needs (bathing, toileting, dressing, diet management, etc.)
    4. Be a capable self-manager of chronic illnesses. 
  • If we say so ourselves, we have some of the nicest and most comfortable cabins found at any camp. They have each been remodeled inside and out. They are well lit, well ventilated and even have a ceiling fan! The main area contains four bunk beds (with twin-size mattresses), room for up to eight girls along with the adjacent CP (counselor area) where your daughter’s two counselors will live.

  • We have four completely modern shower houses within a few steps of each cabin. Showers are private and each shower stall has a private individual changing area. They are professionally cleaned daily.

  • It is exceptionally pleasant and comfortable throughout our summer season. Highs generally are in the low 80’s (26 C) and evenings may cool into the low 60’s or upper 50’s (14-16 C). We may see a few days in the 90’s (30+ C) as well as a night or two in the 40’s (10 C). June through August is generally dry and sunny, but an occasional shower or storm may occur during your daughter’s stay at camp.

  • When storms are forecast, multiple weather web sites are monitored by the directors day and night to allow us to have plenty of time to prepare and react. Weather radios are placed in several locations throughout camp.

    The Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department also includes us in their automated calling service alerting camp when severe weather may be approaching the county. WeHaKee is also equipped with several below-ground storm shelters which can easily and safely shelter all of our community when necessary.

  • Yes, we are in the north woods of Wisconsin so mosquitoes, flies and other annoying insects can appear. However, camp’s location is kept well-groomed, reducing the areas for insects to thrive. In addition, we are located on a ridge allowing us to experience frequent breezes, keeping the bugs away! None-the-less, we do recommend that your daughter pack a repellant spray or lotion for occasional use in the evening.

  • She can receive plenty of TLC at our Band Aid! Often times a bit of extra rest is all that is needed. We have several private bedrooms in the Band Aid just for this purpose. If her illness (or injury) is more serious, we will contact you right away to discuss the best course of action.

    For Your Information – The Band Aid (our health center) is staffed by volunteer nurses who often have 20 or more years of nursing experience. In addition, a doctor, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner is also available to provide assistance and consultation.

  • It is important to remember that camp is an ideal place for your daughter to increase her self-confidence and independence. Phone conversations can significantly impede this growth and development. Parents are always welcome to call or e-mail the camp directors at any time to check on their child’s well being. So, if you miss your daughter or just want to know how she is doing, feel free to get in touch with us. However, despite best intentions, direct phone contact with campers nearly always escalates or intensifies homesickness and is generally discouraged.

  • DUE TO INCREASED FOOD BORNE ALLERGIES AND SENSITIVITIES, WE CANNOT ALLOW FOOD ITEMS TO BE BROUGHT OR SENT TO CAMP. Candy and other snacks may seem like fun items to have at camp, but their presence creates challenges in maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all of our campers. With food sensitivities and serious allergies, many snacks can pose a significant hazard to many of our campers. These items can also be very attractive to insects and other pests – we really do not want uninvited ‘guests’ in the cabins.

    We consistently hear from our campers that there is plenty of food at our meals including snack and dessert items. And each camper has access to snacks and beverages each afternoon at the Snack Window at the Trading Post (at no extra charge).

  • ALL are welcome at WeHaKee… and have been since 1923! WeHaKee Camp for Girls is the only all girls camp in the nation created and sponsored by Catholic Sisters, the Dominicans of Sinsinawa. We are proud of our Catholic heritage and it is deeply rooted in who we are. But it is equally important to note that these Sisters have been refreshingly intentional in making sure WeHaKee is truly open to ALL GIRLS!

    At WeHaKee, it has been our tradition to be welcoming toward and accepting of all girls no matter where they may be on their spiritual journey. We treat each girl respectfully and never advocate one religious approach over another. At any given time, girls who celebrate being Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, and other Christian faiths interact respectfully and joyfully with those who celebrate being Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Unitarian and others along with those who may not identify a faith tradition. We focus on our commonalities while seeking to learn more about our differences in an accepting environment throughout camp.

    The WeHaKee experience is about embracing the universal values of Community, Compassion, Justice, Truth and Peace. Upon those values we build a camp experience that cherishes what each girl brings. At WeHaKee it is about LIVING these values within our own spiritual beliefs in all we do on a daily basis to build stronger, more positive relationships while embracing the unique differences within each of us.

    As a Catholic girls camp, we offer Sunday Mass where the entire camp community comes together. We present Mass in such a way that those campers and staff who may identify another faith tradition, feel welcome and accepted and they can participate at a level that is comfortable for them. Other than being present, no other expectations are placed on each person attending Mass.

    We also conclude each day with Evening Prayer, where each cabin group has a chance (with staff guidance and support) to lead the camp community in short prayers, songs and skits. This 10 to 15- minute gathering in our beautiful lakeside chapel provides each of us a chance to reflect on all that we have received and encourages us to embrace a sense of gratitude.

    Our campers and staff consistently share that they have felt accepted without judgement at WeHaKee regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. All are truly welcome on the shores of Hunter Lake!

  • Most of the girls that attend WeHaKee Camp for Girls arrive on their own, without a ‘buddy’. Our staff are skilled in helping each girl experience a sense of belonging almost immediately – if they take the bus to camp, this begins the moment they step onboard the bus. As the cabin groups come together on the first day, the counselors spend quality time helping the girls get to know each other and discover what they have in common so that they begin to make confidence building connections. This continues as they participate in their activities and get to know even more girls from throughout camp.

    With our low camper to staff ratio (4:1), each girl receives plenty of personal attention to help her adjust quickly to the camp community and begin to experience fun and success in everything she does.

  • Supervision and support is key to each girl having a safe, fun and successful experience at WeHaKee. Two counselors are assigned to each cabin group of up to eight girls. The counselors sleep in an adjoining room where they can easily hear and attend to the girls’ needs or concerns. A minimum of two staff are assigned to each activity in order to provide plenty of support, encouragement and supervision.

    As girls move from one location to the next, our staff move with the girls so that are available to provide any assistance needed. Our camper to staff ratio of 4:1 allows us to provide plenty of attention and oversight to make sure the girls remain safe and supported in all they do at WeHaKee Camp for Girls.

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