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Be Active at WeHaKee Camp for Girls

Horseback Riding

We offer English style horseback riding and Western style horseback riding opportunities. Beginners will learn basic horse grooming and tacking along with basic skills in walking, trotting and leading horses.

Intermediate and advanced horseback riding will include grooming and tacking horses along with opportunities to trot, post, canter and jump.

All riders will have a trail ride experience. Horseback riding is open to all girls of all ages. Additional fees apply to this activity.

Happy camper and her horse at WeHaKee Camp for Girls

Overnight Camping Trip

Have the opportunity to tent camp in gorgeous Chequamagon National Forest while making your meals over a campfire, pitching tents and enjoying an evening of camp songs and stargazing. Open to girls who have completed Outdoor Skills or have previous camping experience.

Camper practicing archery at WeHaKee Camp for Girls


Learn to safely and accurately shoot an arrow with a bow as you learn proper archery procedures from our skilled staff. Open to all girls of all ages.

Outdoor Skills

Learn to build and cook over a campfire, set up a tent, orienteering & other overnight camping skills. Open to all girls of all ages.


Bump, Set, Spike! Learn basic volleyball skills and enjoy casual and match play. Open to all girls of all ages.


Our instructors will help you learn or improve your serving, volley and match skills in tennis on our professional tennis courts. Open to all girls of all ages.


Learn this racket sport played on a grass court. Open to all girls of all ages.


Learn a variety of dance types and movements to music at dance camp! Bring your ideas too! Open to all girls of all ages.

Floor Gymnastics / Tumbling

Our experienced instructors provide opportunities to learn, practice and refine your floor gymnastics and tumbling skills. Open to all girls of all ages.

Girls participating in a dance performance at WeHaKee Camp for Girls

Soccer (football)

Whether you call it soccer or football, you can play with and against friends as you develop your skills and play, compete or even learn to juggle! Open to all girls of all ages.


At WeHaKee we have girls of all skill levels who love basketball. Team up with your new friends and play competitively or just a few fun rounds of lightning! Open to all girls of all ages.


Explore the beautiful north woods on the roads in and near camp while you learn road safety, efficient peddling & shifting techniques. Open to girls ages 10 and older.

Camper working on her flexability at WeHaKee Camp for Girls

Fitness Sampler

Explore yoga, Pilates and aerobics, perhaps even in the water! Open to all who want to explore ways to get and stay in shape while having fun with others!


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