General Information About Girls Summer Camp

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  • Payments

    Please, all payments must be in US dollars (USD) only.


    Please submit a minimum $500 deposit per camper with the registration form.

    Balance Payment

    Please pay the remainder of balances by May 1st.

    Credit Card Payment

    WeHaKee Camp for Girls accepts VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER.

    Online Payments

    Payments may be made using our online service. The deposit can be made using VISA, MASTERCARD or DISCOVER or e-check. Please contact the Administrative Office if you need assistance.

    Bank Wire Transfers

    Payments (in USD) can be made in any amount via bank wire transfer. Please contact the Administrative Office for details.

  • Notification

    Please notify the WeHaKee Administrative Offices immediately of any cancellations.

    Full Refund

    WeHaKee Camp for Girls will immediately refund the full amount if a camper cannot be placed in the programs or dates of her choice.

    If registration is contingent upon financial aid, all monies paid, including deposits will be refunded immediately if sufficient financial assistance is not offered or available.

    Cancellations Prior to March 1st

    A refund minus the deposit will be given. WeHaKee Camp for Girls reserves the right to issue all refunds in check form.

    Cancellations After March 1st

    WeHaKee Camp for Girls retains the right to withhold all fees.

    Behavioral and Other Issues

    WeHaKee Camp for Girls will not refund fees if a camper leaves camp early due to homesickness or behavioral/disciplinary issues.

    Parent Initiated Departures

    WeHaKee Camp for Girls will not refund fees if a camper leaves camp early due to a parent initiated request.

    Illness/Injury Before Arrival

    WeHaKee Camp for Girls will refund the balance of fees paid if camper does not attend camp due to illness, injury or other circumstances approved by the Co-Directors.

    Illness/Injury While Attending Camp

    WeHaKee Camp for Girls will refund a prorated portion of the fees paid (not including the $500 deposit) if the camper departs due to illness, injury or other circumstances approved by the Co-Directors.

  • Applications are accepted and places held only when the deposit of $500 is enclosed with the registration form and activity form. This fee applies directly to the balance of tuition. Upon receipt of registration form and deposit, we will send you confirmation information including an itemized account of anticipated expenses along with other helpful information.

  • $50 for 2 weeks; $75 for 4 weeks; $95 for 6 weeks (for Internationals only, please). Bedding includes sleeping bag, pillow, pillow case, sheets, towel and wash cloth. Please pay this fee with registration fee payments.

  • Optional laundry service is available and is provided on a weekly basis. The fee is $40 for two-week campers, $60 for 4 week campers and $85 for 6 week campers. Please pay this fee with registration fee payments.

  • Requests for one friend as a cabin mate can be indicated on the Registration Form. Requests made after submitting the Registration Form should be done in writing at least 30 days prior to the camper’s arrival. Camper requested must be the same age or grade. All efforts will be made to honor cabin mate requests, but they cannot be guaranteed.

    PLEASE NOTE – Requests to place larger groups of friends together are not possible as this can create an uncomfortable or challenging situation for other individual campers within the cabin.

  • Opening Day

    Please bring your daughter to camp between 2:30pm and 3:00pm.

    Closing Day

    • Please pick up your daughter between 10:00am and 11:00am.
    • If you are unable to arrive during the times listed, please contact camp immediately.
    • When you arrive at camp, WeHaKee Camp for Girls staff will greet you and instruct you where to safely park.
  • Activity Choices

    The Activity Card lists the activities available for each camper. Campers should select 15 activities they would like to participate in. The camper’s selections should be ranked 1-15. Upon her arrival, each camper will receive a schedule of her activities. Every effort will be made to ensure each girl is scheduled into the activities of her choice, but occasionally it may be necessary (for safety or space concerns) to place her in a substitute activity.

    Horseback Riding
    The horseback riding program includes instruction and trail rides on camp property. Fee for this additional program is $250 per each 2 week session. Campers should list their specific experience in riding so as to help us in making appropriate assignments.

    Water Skiing
    The water ski program includes instruction and skiing on Hunter Lake for 5 lessons over each two week sessions. Fee for this additional program is $60 per each 2 week session.

    Leadership Academy
    The WeHaKee Leadership Academy is available for campers 15 and older. Through servant leadership approaches, learn how to utilize your gifts & talents while leading and motivating others. Click here for more details.

    Overnight Camping Trip
    Prior experience is recommended, i.e. overnight tent camping with family, scout group, church, etc. Plan a multi-day, off-camp hiking and/or canoe trip. (No extra cost)

    Session-Break Day Trips (during session breaks)
    Campers attending 4 week sessions will participate in a mid-session off-camp excursion where they will be able to shop, eat, and have fun. Campers are encouraged to deposit an extra $20-$40 in their Trading Post account to allow them spending money during this event.

    Campers attending 6 week sessions will participate in two off-camp excursions including trips to Hayward. They are encouraged to deposit an extra $50-$70 for these events. They will be supervised by WeHaKee staff at all times.

  • This is the camp store where there is no exchange of real money. A daily snack and beverage is provided at no extra charge as this is included within the camper’s tuition. Items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, stuffed animals, and other souvenirs along with note pads, envelopes and stamps can be purchased at our Camp Store. Prices range from $1 to $40.

    • CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AT OUR CAMP STORE (except by families on opening and closing days).
    • Funds should be deposited into your daughter’s Camp Store account prior to her arrival.
      Any unused balance of this deposited money will be refunded to your daughter at the end of her session.
    • Although optional, we suggest the following amounts for Camp Store Accounts:
      • $70 for 2-week campers
      • $125 for 4-week campers (includes money for off-camp excursions during session break).
      • $175 for 6-week campers (includes money for off-camp excursions during session breaks).
  • Campers love letters! E-mail messages are OK, but they are usually read and then discarded. However, the letters and cards our girls receive are some of their most cherished items at camp. They love getting real mail from you, from grandparents and other relatives and friends. We strongly encourage families to write letters as often as one-a-day, at the very least one per week. They’ll love you even more for it!

    Please address letters & packages in the following manner:

    Camper Name
    WeHaKee Camp for Girls
    N8104 Barker Lake RD
    Winter WI 54896 USA

  • Please send e-mails to your daughter securely online through our ‘E-mail Your Camper‘ section. There is a fee of $1 per message for this service.

    • Make the message ‘newsy’ & informative, just like a letter. Please avoid the one-liners’ whenever possible.
    • E-mails will be printed and delivered with the day’s mail.
    • All e-mail messages will be screened for appropriateness.
    • Campers do not have computer access and therefore will not be able to reply to your e-mails – Encourage them to write you a letter, instead!
  • With limited phone lines available, we are unable to provide phone communications directly between families and campers.

    • Camp is an ideal place for a camper to grow in her self-confidence and practice her independence in a supportive environment. Camp allows your daughter to discover her strengths by succeeding on her own.
    • We know how much you may miss your daughter while she is away – You are always welcome to contact us to see how she is doing. We are happy to visit with her, talk with her counselors and get back to you with a full report.
    • In a family emergency situation, arrangements can be made to connect with your daughter.
    • Camper use of cell phones is not allowed at WeHaKee Camp for Girls.
    • Campers do not have access to incoming or outgoing phone calls.

    A Word About Homesickness

    Please avoid telling your daughter she can call home if she is feeling sad or missing home. Simply mentioning this as an option to her will likely increase your daughter’s concerns or anxiety. Phone calls usually intensify homesick feelings and increase the camper’s potential for leaving camp early. Please know that the directors will contact you immediately if your daughter is having difficulties adjusting to camp, becomes ill or has any other significant issues.

  • As international mail can sometimes be delayed, we do allow our international campers to have up to 5 letters (per two week session) scanned and e-mailed to their parents. Additional scanned letters to parents can be sent at a fee of $1 per page (the fee is deducted from the camper’s camp store account). This service is only available to campers who parents reside outside of the United States.

  • Consistent with our mission to support a positive community of individuals who share and grow together, WeHaKee chooses to limit the use of electronic devices and other technology, yet embraces such technology when it engages campers and staff together in community life and enhances the welcoming environment that is WeHaKee Camp for Girls.

    E-Mail and Internet Based Communication

    Use of computers and the internet is possible for camp program enrichment that is guided & supervised by camp program staff. However, unless approved by the Directors, campers do not have access to e-mail, IM services, or other forms of internet based communications while attending WeHaKee Camp for Girls.

    Telephones and Cell Phones

    Campers are not permitted to have or use cell phones while at camp. Cell phones brought to camp will be securely stored in the camp office and returned upon departure. Unless approved by the Directors, campers do not have access to or use of telephones or cell phones while attending WeHaKee Camp for Girls.

    Audio and Video Players and Related Equipment

    The camp provides the use of audio and video players as an enhancement for program activities as determined by the camp program staff. Camper use of these items is to be supervised and specifically a part of program.

    Camper use of personal audio players (iPods, mp3 players, etc.) is limited to use on the buses to/from camp unless determined otherwise by WeHaKee Camp for Girls staff. Personal video players are prohibited at all times, including on the buses to/from camp.

    Cameras, Camcorders, and Other Image Capturing Devices

    The use of cameras is welcomed as a way for each camper to record experiences while attending WeHaKee. Campers are asked to use them in a positive and respectful manner while at camp or participating in camp related events.

    Cameras, camcorders or any other type of image capturing devices are strictly prohibited in restrooms and/or shower houses at anytime (including the taking of pictures or video from outside these facilities of images within through windows, doors or other openings). Photos, video or other images of WeHaKee Camp for Girls or its participants cannot be placed on websites, social networking sites (such as,,, Instagram, etc.), etc.

    The use of images of WeHaKee Camp for Girls participants that are used to intentionally embarrass, threaten, or harm others (emotionally, physically or otherwise) is strictly prohibited.

    Communications After and Beyond Camp

    WeHaKee Camp for Girls recognizes that campers and counselors develop close, trusting relationships with one another at camp and that these relationships are healthy, wholesome and beneficial to campers and staff alike. We also recognize that it is natural for campers to want to keep in touch with their counselors after camp. As an organization, however, WeHaKee Camp for Girls cannot take responsibility for what may occur as the result of such contact.

    If a parent or legal guardian does not want their camper to be a part of the exchange of such information with a camp staff member, the parent or legal guardian must indicate this intention by providing a written request expressly indicating their intention to limit or prohibit this exchange of contact information.

  • Sister Discount

    A discount is available for each additional sisters from the same immediate family attending WeHaKee Camp for Girls at same time (for example, if 2 daughters register for same 2-week session, second fee will be reduced by $200; if 3 register, second & third will be reduced $200 each for total discount of $400; etc.). The discounts are as follows:

    • $200 for the additional sister when both are attending a two-week session.
    • $400 for the additional sister when both are attending a four-week session.
    • $600 for the additional sister when both are attending a six-week session.

    Early Bird Discounts

    Several ‘Early-Bird’ discounts are available. The specific dates and discount amounts can be viewed at Dates & Fees.

“She cannot wait to see her friends from past camp years. She loves being there and trying new activities. The counselors treat her with respect and make her have fun. Seeing how much she really loves camp makes us send her there over and over again.”

Parent, Chicago, Illinois



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