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Transportation Information for Parents

ALL CAMPERS MUST HAVE A TRANSPORTATION FORM ON FILE PRIOR TO ARRIVAL to ensure all campers are arriving and departing safely and accurately!

Helpful Services Available For Our Families

Professional Assistance With Flight Reservations

WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE families who have campers flying to and/or from WeHaKee to work with Travel One Inc. (TravelOneInc.com) to arrange flight arrangements for their child.

  • They are experienced in working with camps, specializing in helping campers fly safely and reliably to and from camp.
  • They offer exceptional service while finding flights at the best times and best rates (lower than you will find online!).
  • They will manage any challenges encountered (such as delays or cancellations) to ensure your child has a safe and stress-free experience. Visit TravelOneInc.com or contact them directly at Camps@TravelOneInc.com.

Ship Your Campers’ Bags Directly To Camp!

Ship Camps provides convenient baggage shipping services to and from WeHaKee. We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE those flying to use their services for hassle-free air transportation. And for those not flying to/from camp, this service makes traveling so much easier!

  • COST EFFECTIVE: Eliminates bag fees and long waits at baggage claim.
    Ship Camps partners with FedEx, UPS, and DHL to offer the lowest industry rates around, 5% to 60% cheaper than other.
  • EASY HANDS-FREE TRAVEL: Ensures your child’s necessities make it to
    camp and reducing travel hassles & anxieties.
  • TRAVEL SAFELY TO CAMP: Ship Camps no-contact pickups & deliveries helps your child avoid bag-check lines and crowded baggage claims. Ship Camps has your child’s camp gear picked up directly from home or office and picked up from camp at the end of summer, too.

Visit ShipCamps.com/wehakee-camp-for-girls to learn more.

Traveling by Car

Early arrivals or departures are not permitted without prior arrangements.

Personal vehicles will be met at the camp gate and will be given instructions as to where to park. 

Get Driving Directions to WeHaKee Camp for Girls

Additional Transportation Information

By Car

Opening Day

Please bring your daughter to camp between 2pm and 3pm.

Closing Day

Please pick up your daughter between 9:30am and 10:30am.

When you arrive at camp, WeHaKee staff will greet you and instruct you where to safely park.

Will Someone Else be Picking Up Your Child?

Please notify Camp WeHaKee in writing prior to their departure.

To allow us to release your child to someone other than her parent / guardian, you MUST complete a Pick-Up Authorization Form. Once completed and signed, please take a photo of it and email it to Info@WeHaKeeCampforGirls.com AT LEAST 48 HOURS PRIOR to the pick-up time. We cannot release a child to a person other than a legal parent / guardian without this completed and signed form.

For safety purposes, we cannot accept phone messages or notes provided by the pick-up person at the pick-up point.


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