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Campers and staff from throughout the world have been participating at WeHaKee Camp for Girls since 1923. We would love to have you share your unique and special offerings while discovering the fun and excitement you can experience in the beautiful Hayward Lakes region of northern Wisconsin. As we all experience our similarities and differences each summer, we learn to embrace and enjoy the amazing diversity of our world.

Help Your Daughter Grow

If you are a parent looking for a place where your daughter can grow, excel and discover her abilities and gifts, WeHaKee Camp for Girls is your first choice. With nearly 40 activities lead by skilled, competent and caring staff, your daughter will extend herself in ways she might not otherwise have the chance.

Be exposed to a wide range of cultures at WeHaKee Camp for Girls

In the compassionate WeHaKee camp community she will share and learn with other girls and adults how to work together effectively, how to positively handle disagreements while accepting the differences in others, and enjoy the sense of fulfillment one experiences when serving the greater community. In short, she will build character deep within herself.

WeHaKee is a Place for Culture to Thrive

Since 1923, WeHaKee Camp for Girls continues today in the tradition of the Dominicans of Sinsinawa. The program at WeHaKee Camp for Girls is based on social justice principles and universal Gospel values. Each summer, several of the Dominican Sisters volunteer alongside our skilled camp staff to help each girl realize her uniqueness as an individual person while understanding and striving to reach her own potential.

Living among girls from diverse religions, cultures, races, and economic backgrounds allows each girl to grow and develop in an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement. By immersing into a different culture, each girl will be able to turn her experience into tangible benefits throughout her life, including language development, a heightened culture awareness, and personal growth.

We strongly encourage and facilitate cross-cultural interactions among all campers, to ensure that each girl gets the best experience during her stay at WeHaKee. Girls of all faiths and spiritual backgrounds have always been welcome at WeHaKee Camp for Girls.

Located at the base of the pristine Chequamagon National Forest along the shores of Hunter Lake, WeHaKee Camp for Girls is noted for a wide array of quality activities where each girl creates her own individual program based on her choices.

WeHaKee Camp for Girls campers will develop skills and make life-long friendships while thriving in a positive and supportive community all while having GREAT FUN! 

Frequently Asked Questions by International Campers

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  • Having a basic understanding of English is very helpful, but international campers do not have to speak it perfectly to have a successful experience at WeHaKee Camp for Girls. Being immersed in our English-speaking environment will help our international girls master their English skills quickly. Our campers and staff embrace our international campers and are always willing and excited to help if a girl is having a problem understanding.

  • We ask that all campers who will be flying to and from WeHaKee Camp for Girls arrive and depart at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. The airport code is MSP. We will have our WeHaKee Camp for Girls staff there to meet and greet each international camper as they step off their plane. We will escort them through the airport, help them retrieve their luggage and board our chartered coach bus. Our staff will be on the bus as it travels from the airport to WeHaKee Camp for Girls – a trip that takes about 3 hours.

    When our international campers depart, our staff will escort them at that time as well; helping them check-in for their flight, check their luggage and wait until they board their flight.

    International campers, age 15 or younger should be enrolled in the airlines unaccompanied minor program. For more information regarding flying to and from WeHaKee Camp for Girls click here.

  • Knowing that at times international mail can be slow, we offer a program where our international campers can write letters to their family, which are then scanned and sent as an e-mail attachment to the family. Each international camper can send up to five letters to their family for each two weeks they are at camp. Families can also send e-mails to WeHaKee Camp for Girls (for a small fee) which will be printed and distributed in the camper mailboxes in the late afternoon of each day.

    It is important to note that WeHaKee Camp for Girls is an excellent place for each camper to grow in her self-confidence and increase her independence. With that in mind, we do not provide our campers with phone access to make calls or computer access to send e-mails. Families are always welcome to contact the WeHaKee Camp for Girls directors (either by phone or e-mail) to check in to see how their daughters are adjusting to camp. We will be happy to give you a full report.

  • Most of our camp program takes place on our expansive camp property. But for our older campers, we do have opportunities to take off-camp canoe trips and overnight camping trips. Campers who stay at WeHaKee Camp for Girls for 4 or more weeks also will have the opportunity to participate in an off-camp trip midway through their stay at WeHaKee Camp for Girls.

    In the past our off-camp trips have been selected from the following locations: Hayward, WI; Bayfield, WI; the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center in Ashland, WI; or swimming in Lake Superior (one of the largest fresh-water lakes in the world).

  • Absolutely! Although it is not necessary to come with a friend to have a great experience at WeHaKee Camp for Girls – many of our campers come on their own – we can easily place two campers who are friends (and of similar age) in the same cabin.

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