WeHaKee Camp for Girls Staff FAQ’s

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  • WeHaKee Camp for Girls employs approximately 35 counselors each summer. Most of our staff are college age or older.

    We recruit women from all over the United States and many foreign countries. The diverse and international composition of our staff mirrors that of our campers. WeHaKee Camp for Girls embraces the richness that a diverse community provides.

  • Our campers live at camp for 2, 4 or 6 weeks. In each session there may be as many as 110 girls, ages from 7-17 years.

  • WeHaKee’s spiritual philosophy is based on universal Gospel values and Catholic social principles. We incorporate these values daily through living with the girls. The values of WeHaKee include the following:

    • Community – Relationships built on respect
    • Compassion – Relationships that care for each individual
    • Justice – Relationships that recognize the dignity and uniqueness in all God’s creatures
    • Truth – Relationships that embrace honesty
    • Peace – Relationships that create an environment blessed by God

    Staff are asked to live these values as they role model to girls. We believe that everyone is on a faith journey and our responsibility is to help girls value that journey and feel comfortable with where they are.

  • If we say so ourselves, we have some of the nicest cabins found at any camp! They have each been remodeled inside and out.

    They are well lit, well ventilated, and even have a ceiling fan! The main area contains four bunk beds, room for up to eight girls along with the adjacent CP (counselor porch) where you live with your co-counselor. You sleep on a twin bed, have a dresser and room in which to keep your personal items.

    From the Counselor area, you can see the lake.

  • We have four newly built or remodeled shower houses within a few steps of each cabin. Showers are private and each shower stall has a private individual changing area. They are professionally cleaned daily.

  • WeHaKee Camp for Girls serves three well balanced meals a day – and they are delicious! Options are available with every meal to allow campers and staff to choose for themselves. Vegetarian options are also available.

    In the words of a past staff member: “The food is good – too good!”

  • All staff members are scheduled for two afternoons/evenings off during each two week session and one 24 hour break between the two-week sessions. In addition, staff have time off daily.

  • Some staff members will have a car at camp and often pair with other staff when going somewhere for their time off. Staff time off is scheduled keeping in mind availability to transportation. Cars are parked in a designated area and can be used on your days/nights off.

    No camper is allowed to ride in a staff member’s car at any time. If you allow your fellow staff members to borrow your car or to ride with you in the car, you and your parents should be aware that WeHaKee Camp for Girls does not assume any liability for incidents that occur as a result of your generosity.

  • Staff members will need to make their own travel arrangements. The camp will assist you in contacting other staff members with whom you might car pool. International Staff will be picked up at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.

  • There is a washing machine and dryer available to staff in each shower house, and are free for all counselors. They may be used as necessary. Please plan to bring your own laundry soap.

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  • As a WeHaKee Camp for Girls staff member, you are a role model to all of our girls. You will be the most important person in their life for the next few weeks and your influence will extend on for years.

    Camp Staff wear a uniform shirt, provided by the camp on opening and closing days as well as during Flag Ceremonies and some special events. We ask that staff provide white (not tan or beige) shorts, skirt, or pants to wear on those days and other special occasions. Your day to day camp wear should be modest, comfortable, and well-suited for working outdoors in our summer weather.

  • It is exceptionally pleasant and comfortable throughout our summer season. Early June may see temperatures that are a bit cooler, but highs are generally in the low 80’s (26 C), and evenings may cool into the low 60’s or upper 50’s (14-16 C). We may see a few days in the 90’s (30+ C), as well as a night or two in the 40’s (10 C). June through August is generally dry and sunny, but an occasional shower or storm may occur during your stay at camp.

  • A day starts around 7:30 am and will last until about 10:30 pm. Click here to see our typical day schedule. Unlike any other job, camp can be 24 hours a day. It’s the hardest job you’ll ever love!

  • All of our staff will help in more than one program area in camp. This allows for you to teach in areas you feel confident but also assist in areas where you may want to strengthen your skills. We believe that we can build a stronger community and demonstrate to girls that having many skills and interests is important as girls grow.

  • WeHaKee Camp for Girls provides an opportunity to spend your summer in a loving and energetic environment. You will make a difference in the lives of the campers, and they will make a difference in yours. You will share your faith and grow in it, share your talents and explore new ones, improve your leadership skills, work as a team, and make new life-long friendships. You will have the time of your life!

    “Each time I tell people what I did this past summer, I can’t help but smile. You say that we made great memories for the campers, but they were the ones who made memories for me. Giving my summer to WeHaKee was probably the best thing I could have done.”

    – Past WeHaKee Camp for Girls staff member reflection

“Each time I tell people what I did this past summer, I can’t help but smile. You say that we made great memories for the campers, but they were the ones who made memories for me. Giving my summer to WeHaKee was probably the best thing I could have done.”

– Past WeHaKee Camp for Girls Staff Member



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