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Travel One, Inc – Professional Assistance With Flight Reservations

Travel One is pleased to be selected by Camp WeHaKee to assist with camp transportation. We have many years of experience working with camps and feel we can provide camp families with superior service, the lowest airfares, and at the same time, provide valuable services to camps and parents.  To access Travel One’s services call (844) 803-9683 and ask for a camp advisor, or e-mail camps@traveloneinc.com

Special Airfare For Campers

Special Fares for Camp WeHaKee On Delta

Just as Travel One is camp’s travel agency of preference, Delta Air Lines is camp’s airline of preference. Delta Air Lines has provided Camp WeHaKee with discounted camp fares that should be cost competitive with any airfare offered for similar summer travel. These special fares are in the form of an up-front discount which will be applicable to the lowest Delta Air Lines fare available at time of booking.

In addition to the special negotiated camp fares, Delta Air Lines assists with the luggage collection process upon arrival into Minneapolis and provides special assistance with luggage handling and check-in procedures on camp departure days. Campers bypass normal Delta check-in procedures.

Southwest Airlines Services Minneapolis/St. Paul

Southwest now offers non-stop service between Minneapolis/St. Paul Hubert Humphrey Terminal #2 and many camp cities. Camp will also meet your camper at the gate if the arrival is at Hubert H Humphrey Terminal.

Air fares are similar between Southwest and Delta, but Southwest has a more attractive unaccompanied minor and luggage fee program. Keep in mind that Southwest will only allow unaccompanied minors on direct flights.

Travel One issues tickets on Southwest Airlines as well as all other airlines.

Info On Fees, Discounts, Reservations, & More

  • When Travel One quotes an airfare, it will include a nominal $25.00 travel agency fee. If you choose to pay for your ticket via credit card, this $25.00 agency fee may appear as a separate billing item. The camper’s family is also responsible for the round-trip unaccompanied minor service fee, if applicable. This is payable at the airport prior to departure. Delta Air Lines (all major airlines) charges luggage fees of $30.00 for the first checked bag and $40.00 for the second checked bag for each way of travel.


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