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Values & Spirituality at WeHaKee

ALL are welcome at WeHaKee, and have been since 1923! WeHaKee Camp for Girls is the only all girls camp in the nation created and sponsored by Catholic Sisters, the Dominicans of Sinsinawa. We are proud that these Sisters have been refreshingly and openly intentional in making sure WeHaKee is truly accepting of ALL GIRLS!

At WeHaKee, it has been our tradition to be welcoming toward and accepting of all girls no matter where they may be on their spiritual journey. We treat each girl respectfully and never advocate one spiritual approach over another. At any given time, girls who celebrate being Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, and other Christian faiths interact respectfully and joyfully with those who celebrate being Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Unitarian and others along with those who may not identify a spiritual tradition. We focus on our commonalities while seeking to learn more about our differences in an accepting environment throughout camp.

All faiths are welcome at WeHaKee Camp for Girls

The WeHaKee experience is about embracing the universal values of Community, Compassion, Justice, Truth and Peace. Upon those values we build a camp experience that cherishes what each girl brings. At WeHaKee it is about LIVING these values within our own beliefs in all we do on a daily basis to build stronger, more positive relationships while embracing the unique differences within each of us.

Our campers and staff consistently share that they have felt accepted without judgement at WeHaKee regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. All are truly welcome on the shores of Hunter Lake!

Building A Camp Experience on Universal Values


Relationships built on respect


Relationships that care for each individual


Relationships that recognize the dignity and uniqueness in all God’s creatures


Relationships that embrace honesty


Relationships that create an environment blessed by God

Coming Together as One Camp Community

As a girls camp sponsored by the Sinsinawa Dominicans, we do offer opportunities for the community to come together to celebrate our spirituality. We do so in such a way that campers and staff feel welcome and accepted and they can participate at a level that is comfortable for them.  

We also conclude each day with Evening Prayer, where each cabin group has a chance (with staff guidance and support) to lead the camp community in short prayers, songs and skits. This short gathering in our beautiful lakeside chapel helps bring closure to each day while providing each of us a chance to reflect on all that we have received and encourages us to embrace a sense of gratitude.


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